What google knows about your pages

Posted on:July 12 2010

When I checked if google already had indexed the pages of my just released latest product, WebsitePainter, I was quite surprised by this result:

Looks like google recognized that the page above is a thread in a forum or discussion board, and is able to show some meta information about this (author, last post). Ok, it's doable, there are about 3 major forum software packages out there in use by most pages, but the interesting part about this is that the forum software used on Ambiera.com is quite unique. I programmed the forum especially for this page, and no other site on the web is using it.
This means google seems to be running some quite expensive analysis of websites behind the scenes. Interesting.


But is not that good for us ?
2010-07-12 17:50:00

>But is not that good for us ?

Of course, everything Google does is in everyones best interest...

But is it really good to collect as much information as possible, because someone might have a use for it?
Somehow that's always the question with google.
2010-07-12 19:13:00

I don't blame google for gathering as much information as possible about everything and everyone. It simply is the future. The information technology era has only just begun.
2010-07-12 20:06:00

But its not perfect, I just an old very long thread to see how much posts it has and google only counted the posts on the first page not the other 25. So its good but not perfect.
2010-07-13 09:21:00

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