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Posted on:July 14 2010

Nice feedback I received yesterday:

"One thing that impressed me is that the Mac version looked and felt like a Mac application, not simply a port of a Windows app. You've designed this quite nicely and for that I'm grateful."

Well, thank you, wxWidgets. :)


no chance for QT? :-)
2010-07-14 14:38:00

I never liked wxWidgets. In my opinion it is slightly poor featured, I find the API slightly old-fashioned and more than once I found memory leaks in the libraries.

Personaly I'm a big Qt fan. I find the its slot mechanism really clever. It is very fast and rich featured. And I think that QML is a great altenative to WPF.
Ogitor is a nice tool and it is implemented in QT (they started with two versions, one in MFC and other in MFC)
2010-07-14 16:57:00

I agree with Marcos. I'll bet Nico probably chose wxwidgets because Qt was GPL when he made the choice. Only thing I don't like about Qt is its size.
2010-07-14 21:42:00

yes, I started with wxWidgets before the QT license change. But I've taken a look at QT again afterwards and decided the switch is not worth it. wxWidgets still rules because it's much more compact and it uses true, native controls, everywhere. And does not need a precompilation phase.
2010-07-15 14:10:00

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