Well, that was fast. My game was just greenlit today:

I will polish the game quite a bit and refine and beta test it before launching on Steam, so this will take a while. But this is great news! Thanks for all the support and to all the people voting for the game!

Now on Steam Greenlight

After I made that video from my last post, people suggested that I could add my game to Steam Greenlight. Since I have a nicely working Windows .exe build I now did: PostCollapse is now on Steam Greenlight.

Unfortunately, the video apparently sucks in contrast to the screenshots... which again I think might be affecting the votes negatively. If you like to help, please vote too. :)

Gameplay Video

Last weekend, I thought it would maybe be a good idea to create a gameplay video of that game I am working on. Here is it, what do you think?

Constructive feedback welcome!

Steam Summer Sale 2016

It's this time of the year again, Steam is in Summer Sale mode. CopperCube is of course also discounted during this time:

You can get it here.

I'm not sure why a lot of people on steam seem to complain about the 'small' discounts. Did you see that -86% on CopperCube? That's insane, if you ask me. :D

RocketCake 1.2

I had so much to do during the last weeks, I forgot to mention on this blog that I released version 1.2 of my free responsive website designer RocketCake. There are a few new templates in that version, improved master/client code support, support for radio buttons (somehow I forgot those, and no one complained!) and a few bug fixes here and there.

The editor is still only a few months out of beta, and already used by quite a lot of people. I'm quite happy about this.

The Android SDK Manager is now blatantly lying

A lot of people using CopperCube to create 3D Android apps suddenly complained that setting up the Android SDK for them newly doesn't work anymore. The Android SDK Manager would simply refuse to download the required API 8, and show a "Not compatible with Windows" status instead.
Which appears to be a blatant lie.

The SDK worked the last years before flawlessly, and apparently wasn't even changed since then. Actually, you can still download the SDK from Google's servers manually, and it will do it's job without problems.

With this strange behavior, it looks like Google simple wants to force developers to use their newer SDKs. And after all, no one is still using version 2.2 anymore, right? But looking closely into it, there are still around one million people using this version of Android! (source, source). Also, my customers are forced to use that version as well, so there is no way around it for me.

Update:: Looks like this was a bug in the SDK Manager, and Google has fixed it already. Nice!

How to get a free Steam key for CopperCube

Dear online journalist, game community manager, youtuber, streamer, and others. Thanks for requesting a free steam key, for you to review our 3D game engine on Steam. Unfortunately, we get numerous requests like these every day, and most of them are made by teenagers, gamers and similar, just trying to get a free steam key. For them to use themselves. And not for a review. Some people are really good at this, and using various sophisticated techniques, including faking a full website, just to get a free steam key. It is becoming increasingly difficult for us to check wether the request is valid, so please note: Sorry for the inconvenience.

CopperCube 5.4.2

I just released a small update of CopperCube, version 5.4.2. It is just a small update, but it has some cool new features. Also, to celebreate, CopperCube is now on sale for a few days.

HearthStone and Nerfs

When I have half an hour of free time, I sometimes use this to play Hearthstone, that free Warcraft themed card game by Blizzard. It is quite popular, having just reached 50 million players recently. The game was designed so that you either need to play a lot of games with characters or techniques you actually don't want to in order to earn virtual currency, in order to craft or buy more powerful cards you need in order to win against others. Or to simply buy the cards directly, using real world money. But it is still interesting to play anyway.

I didn't spend money on the game, but have a very nice set of powerful cards already, and recently was even able to create a really nice deck, which surprisingly worked very well: I made it with my new deck within about 20 or 30 games up to level 8. Which is very much for me: As casual player, I'm usually hanging around level 19 or similar. I'm not simply creating decks by looking into the web and copying a successful deck as most people do as it seems. I'm more having fun with experimenting and trying out some own ideas.

Unfortunately, Hearthstone updated a few days ago, and introduced several Nerfs, making 2 of the cards which my deck relies on much less powerful. Rendering my deck worthless. Which is quite a bit pity. I was quite happy after that much time casually playing, and finally having found a deck that worked. With this nerf, now Blizzard has effectively destroyed the fun I had with this game.

I thought a bit about this, and came to the conclusion that it would probably be better to quit playing Heathstone. It is actually not fun playing, it's just making you a bit addicted. And once I recently found a way where the game was actually fun, they immediately destroyed that again. I think games should be fun, and not addicting. Of course, it is more difficult to make money from this that way.

Dynamic Day-Night Cycles for CopperCube

A small new feature for the upcoming free update of CopperCube will be support for dynamic day-night cycles:

There will be a new open source / extensible behavior written in JavaScript for doing this, as well as an improved scripting API making this possible if you want to do this yourself. The existing implementation has been copied from my PostCollapse game, but it should be able to customize it easily.
I think this will open the possibility to create a lot more interesting games.