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About Me

I'm Nikolaus Gebhardt and this is my personal blog and the development blog of some software I am working on, especially

I am working as freelance software engineer in Vienna/Austria (my profiles on Xing, LinkedIn) and running a game development related software company.

Die Wiederentdeckung der Erde I also wrote a book, in german language. Its title is "Die Wiederentdeckung der Erde" (cover image to the left), it is Science Fiction. You can order it from amazon.de, libri.de or any book store anywere.

As a game programmer, I've been developing commercial computer games since 1997 and worked on shareware, casual and triple-A game titles, some of them made their way to Mobygames. In addition, I've spent some time developing UML, XML and database related world leading software development tools.

I enjoy blogging, website design, developing open source software and growing carnivorous plants. I'm interested in realtime 3D, multimedia, cross platform, web, audio, database and game related software projects no matter if they are using C++, .NET, Java, PHP or other.

About The Blog Banner

The banner image on top of this blog has been created by me using irrEdit, with a self modified 3D scene which was originally created and is copyright by RABCAT computer graphics. They kindly allowed us to use some of their graphics for irrlicht related work.
There is a detailed blog entry about the creation of that banner.


Nikolaus Gebhardt


Because of the recently changed Austrian law, I had to publish this information on this page. However, if I did something wrong, just tell me please. Senseless to sue me, I've got no money anyway, just a poor programmer.