Scare Mail from the Handelsgericht

Posted on:December 15 2009

I'm usually not getting a lot of mail from the Commercial Court of Vienna (aka Handelsgericht), but today I did. Letters from this institution look pretty scary, and finding this one in my post office box made me shortly hold my breath and let me think 'omg, what did I do wrong?'.

The big fat characters on top of the letter, reading B E S C H L U S S (german, 'decision') didn't really help to calm me down either. But reading on, it only was a notice letting me know that they acknowledge that the Ambiera office now has moved to the new office.

Thanks, Handelsgericht. Wouldn't it be even cooler to let those letters be delivered by police men? Just for those of us with dicky hearts? :)


Mail from the tax office is a similar beast. Seeing the €€€ ($$$/...where is the Yen symbol on my keyboard?) to pay can make you going berserk :)
2009-12-15 19:15:00

Police men wouldn't be cool enough. It would be best if these letters would be delivered by two men in a black suit with black sun glasses driving a black cadilac ;)
2009-12-15 20:24:00

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