Adding a 2D Editor into a 3D Editor

Posted on:December 11 2009

I'm planning to add a new feature to CopperCube: 2D Overlays, in order to make it possible to easily create 2D menus, buttons, health indicators and similar. For this, I need an editor for 2D elements, since CopperCube currently is only able to edit 3d scenes. I thought about using an external editor or writing a simple 2d editor directly integrated into CopperCube, but I found a better way: Simply reuse the 3d editor and make it also edit 2d items:

The 2D item on the left also has those arrows as the 3D item on the right and in fact, this is the same object. The editor doesn't really know anything about that item being 2D instead of 3D, only the code of the arrows needed a bit of adaption to let them draw themselves in 2D. I was quite surprised after everything worked already with very few code adaptions.

And I think this also works great from a user perpective: The 2D editor works exactly as the 3D one, no need to new short cuts or special menu items. I hope this feature makes it into a release before the end of the year.


Nice feature. Well designed software most of the time makes it easy to add new features. Btw: is it yet possible to save .irr files from coppercube?
2009-12-15 07:17:00

not yet, but it's planned. Not sure if it will make it into the next release, but let's see.
2009-12-15 18:08:00

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