Irrlicht Considered Harmful

Posted on:November 06 2009

'Dog' just sent me a mail with the following text:

I’ve just downloaded the irrlicht 1.6 build, I compiled the Helloworld example and started it with debugger. I pressed F5 and just waited the window to appear. Of course nothing showed up, instead I’ve got this nice window:

So, the Irrlicht Hello-World application now is behaving 'suspiciously'? Uh.. drawing.. well... triangles. Very suspicious. :)


Why in the world would one use Norton? It's the root of all evil itself. I guess this problem is one of the less severe ones, data loss and computer lockups are the real fun for Norton.
2009-11-06 15:30:00

It's probably because Irrlicht "accesses the hardware in some way". EVIL I TELL YA!!1!
2009-11-06 16:13:00

Well, triangles ARE rather pointy. You probably wouldn't get on an airplane with one either. ;)
2009-11-06 16:14:00

Finally they're using whitelists instead of blacklists! I knew the time would come...
They kept getting slower and slower because of the size of the fingerprints... ;)
2009-11-06 18:58:00

Classic example of PEBCAK. The first thing any reasonable user does when he/she gets a new computer is to remove everything labeled "Norton *" or "McAfee *". Although sometimes this wrecks your whole system, since these morons can't even write a decent uninstaller routine.
2009-11-06 19:50:00

hehehe.. "it was hard to write such bad code.. if course it should be hard to uninstall!"
2009-11-06 21:40:00

it's time to throw away norton!! seriously.
2009-11-07 12:48:00

I thought everyone knew Norton's Security software is shitty...
2009-11-07 13:26:00

No. Not everyone. People without a minimun knowledge (don´t take it personal if you just like norton) choose it by it´s famous name or just because it came for free trial on their computers...
2009-11-07 15:24:00

its just heuristics acting up again. few weeks ago there was a thread on the forum about Kapersky doing the same thing, took a few days after he submitted the sample to them for them to clear the error
2009-11-07 21:33:00

The point is that Norton's security software is mainly useless regarding the security in Vista or 7.
But guys, most of you are mismatching Norton's Security software and Norton's antivirus software.
I'm not a Norton zealot and I agree there are problems with it, just as with any other software of the same kind,

but IMHO, just thinking that you're clever or smarter by discrediting other's software is a big lack of humility and i think it's wrong.

I'm only using NAV and never had any problems with it. I'm working with computers for almost 20 years and I helped thousands of people throught my jobs, i think a have a rather good knowledge of what am i doing, so judging a person knowledge about the software he is using is also, i think, a bad idea.

By submitting this picture I didn't wanted to create a software war, i just thought it was funny to see that the Norton's new technology saw a threat when visual studio launch the Irrlicht hello world example.
But maybe i'm also wrong to use Microsoft's Visual Studio or Windows 7 ??
2009-11-08 15:44:00

No, I think you're wrong using computers. They just help us to solve problems we wouldn't have without them ;) (like this one)
2009-11-09 07:45:00

Norton is no more a powerful tool !! it came free with my new laptop and i chose not to install it Ok? try Avast personal or Avira personal ... free and updateable with no limits
just disable the active scanning or whatever it is called during the debug by right click on systry icon
jim east
2009-11-23 13:36:00

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