Abusing the debugger as calculator

Posted on:July 14 2005

Just stumbled across this code in one of my private projects:
core::vector3df a(4,  2,-4);
core::vector3df b(-4,-4, 2);
core::vector3df c(2, 4, 4);

float v = a.crossProduct(b).dotProduct(c);
First I had no idea what the did and why I wrote it. But then I remembered: It calculates the volume of the parallelepiped described by the vectors a, b and c. I just calculated the volume there because I needed it for a math exercise and was to lazy to calculate it in my brain. And I didn't erase the code again. ;) Maybe I should stop using VC++'s debugger as calculator.


Parallelepi..What!!? :)
2005-07-15 07:26:00

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