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Posted on:April 12 2005

Ok, who is voting 'good' on all these entries in my blog? Looks like some people are doing this. And more important: Why are you doing this? Quite funny. :)
Or is it because that '+' button looks like it would bring up more text and/or the comments? Anyway, as long as nobody is clicking on that '-' button. :)
Update:After posting this, everybody seems to start rating the entries on this blog. Hehe :) I changed the design a little bit, now the vote buttons are not that big anymore and below the text.


Very Good Post. Now that you said something I guess I will vote. ^_^

The answer is becouse no matter what you post its good! ;p
2005-04-12 17:42:00

It's like saying to little children "don't press the - button" and they'll instantly do exactly that! Sorry, I'm guilty.
2005-04-12 23:01:00

this is test message
aojwidm hello
aojwidm sory for post
test aojwidm nam
2006-01-10 16:03:00

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