Dear dispelled readers

Posted on:January 26 2007

Sometimes I am blogging about my political views, private ideas and other projects here next to my software projects. But recently, this blog has become a little bit too technical. People in my social environment started to complain that they didn't understand a word I was blogging about :) Realtime 3d graphics programming and software development isn't for everyone, and I forgot that I also have some of non-technical readers (Hello, you two or three! :) ). So I hope those readers are not gone for ever now, and I'm going to post more mixed content again. Which isn't that easy if you don't write very personal stuff at all and nothing about your daily job either, BTW.
Yay, so this was a non-technical entry already. So now I've some time before the next one, right?


I've no idea what you are talking about sometimes. But I'm reading your blog anyway. :-)
2007-01-26 17:13:00

Wow that post was entirely too technical, Niko. Say it again in geek terms. Even better, say that again in C++, then I will understand.
2007-01-26 18:28:00

:) hello :)
to my surprise a nice new entry - and btw non-technical. your blog is very interesting and your technical stuff too, but for me sometimes not very understandable. "such is programming"
2007-01-26 18:33:00

listen man, I know your native language isn't english so I can understand. But, when we contract "I" and "have" to make "I've" we usually insert another helper verb such as "got".

So... this...

"So now I've some time before the next one, right?"

to this...

"So now I've got some time before the next one, right?"

sounds better.
2007-01-26 22:29:00

Ah ah !!

I like your non-technical posts, but also your most technical ones.
2007-01-26 23:47:00

hey niko i ve similiar political opinions to yours...
and if you blog about politics im very happy ;)
but also i program with irrlicht so dont keep blogging bout irrlicht ;)

2007-01-27 02:32:00

keep the technical stuff coming. You are a *very* talented software developer and many of us admire you incredible knowledge more than you political views.
2007-01-27 06:50:00

I enjoy reading your blog, and it doesn't really matter for me if you are technical, I've been programming with Irrlicht long enough now to understand your posts. But posts about your political views are interesting, too.
2007-01-27 10:36:00

Hey, instead of posting this "please dont run away", post something interesting man - and never leave the technical stuff, as you are expert in it! Well, your other opinions are ok, but I read them (sometimes) because I want to know what the guy thinks who wrote irrlicht (and not so much because of excellent analytical quality..), cheer up and give us something where your are really top notch!
2007-01-27 12:46:00

i agree to clemens :D
2007-01-28 23:38:00

I would be happy, if you could post some old interviews where you where an game developer - i found some old one at

BTW - have you ever coded some demos?

I am looking forward to your next posts - regards Jürgen
2007-01-29 11:47:00

Hey Niko,

Die meisten lesens wegen den Programmier.eug,
Auch wenn du über was anderes schreibst,
hoffe ich doch das die Menge der Programmiersachen gleich bleibt.
2007-01-29 11:59:00

"Welcome to, the blog of Nikolaus Gebhardt, famous creator of things such as the Irrlicht Engine!" "Thanks, glad to be here, I.... wtf, he talks about technical stuff? The programmer who created Irrlicht talks about technical stuff? I am SO outta here!"


Seriously, I think everyone who comes here knows exactly what he is in for. Besides, this is YOUR blog, where you come and talk about the stuff YOU want to talk about.
2007-01-29 13:40:00

Actually I would like to read more technical stuff, Niko. But you can't be everybody's darling.
2007-01-29 20:06:00

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