Reworked SpecialFX example

Posted on:April 16 2006

Besides some bugfixing with Irrlicht materials, I reworked the specialFX example today. With the next release, it will look like this:
I think that's some big improvement to the old version. It also shows nicely the self shadows. The artist made this dwarf model available for free, but I sent him a mail and asked him for permission to include it in the SDK, just in case. I hope he'll answer.


That looks good! Hope performance stays good too. Looking forward to new release (though no rush). ;)

Keep it up Niko!
2006-04-16 22:12:00

It will be posibile to have multi pass materials in the next IRR? (this is very important for some shaders and not so hard to do).

Tks! and VERY GOOD work. just waiting for the next release.
2006-04-16 22:37:00

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