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Posted on:March 16 2006

If you want to imigrate to Hessen (one of Germany's federal states), you'll have too answer a list of 100 questions (german link). Nice to be german already, because after reading them, I think I would not be able to answer some of them (fortunately, there is a cheat sheet available on Wikipedia). Or would you have known what has been invented by Johannes Gutenberg? Or what the german scientist Otto Hahn did, in 1938? And besides that, most of the questions read like they were written by drunken law students. I mean

Die Wahlen zu den deutschen Parlamenten müssen nach Artikel 38 der Verfassung

gleich und

sein. Erklären Sie diese Wahlgrundsätze!



Gutenberg's printing press, of course. As for Otto Hahn in 1938, my guess would've been to invent the Jet Engine (but it turns out that was Hans von Ohain in 1939).
2006-03-16 17:51:00

I failed many of the questions.
Maybe, one day, I should buy a book about the country I live in...
Then again, better read about 3D programming ;-P
2006-03-16 20:03:00

Sfiera: nearly at Hahn's invention.
Actually, he discovered the nuclear fisson...
But could you really not answer these, niko?
2006-03-17 07:18:00

"8. Nennen Sie drei Gründe, warum Sie deutscher Staatsbürger werden wollen!
Artikel: Du bist Deutschland
Antwort (Vorschlag):
Weil ich mir die Hände schmutzig machen will.
Weil ich mein Land wie einen guten Freund behandeln will.
Weil ich mit meinen Flügeln schlagen und Bäume ausreißen will."

LOL! ^^

Those questions are really silly. I hate our politicians more and more. :(
2006-03-17 14:52:00

what i learned in school was that Gutenberg claimed to have invented the printing press, while it was in fact the dutch Laurens Janszoon Coster who
invented it.

i think these days Gutenberg is recognised as the original inventor of the printing press though.
2006-03-17 15:21:00

Well, there _are_ some dumb questions in there, but not the ones you've cited, Niko.
2006-03-17 15:38:00

"If you want to imigrate to Hessen..." - who wants to do such a crazy thing??? ;-)

It's like jumping from a Skyscraper w/o a chute :-) ...

If you know a way outta here (leaving Germany immediately and settle down in another Country w/o paying a lot of money), I would be really interested in... - Germany sucks !!!!! (believe me, I am 'prisoned' here for nearly 38 years) ;-)
Duncan Mac Leod
2006-03-17 16:34:00

ok, then call me stupid.. :P
2006-03-17 16:47:00

why not settle in austria?

at least we speak bavarian :)
2006-03-17 18:24:00

Yeah, our newspapers are currently full of articles about this test... i read just a few questions, bu could not answer all. And I am German, I don't know how maybe a turkish person would react...
2006-03-19 21:05:00

There are similar tests here in the USA to become a citizen. Tests that most of us would fail.
2006-03-22 00:21:00

I think that Gutenberg invented the system of moveable letters to simplify the book press by far. Before you had to build a complete negative image of the whole page and discard it after printing the amount you needed. With moveable letters you could easily put up new pages reusing the same letters of lead. Without this system the printing of newspapers would've been extraordinarily expensive. Later on the well-known Linotype automated this system, introducing automatic typesetting.
And also Otto Hahn is well known to the international world such that some basic knowledge of science should suffice. What about Curie, Rutherford, Bohr? Or do you all just know Einstein?
2006-03-23 12:25:00

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