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Posted on:March 14 2006

Maybe you've noticed this, but today moved to a new server. There were several problems because of this, it wasn't possible to add comments until now, and the last article I've posted here disappeared (not going to repost it), but I fixed hopefully all problems now, mostly by resetting some file access attributes. Also, I had some issues with the email server for some hours, but it looks it is accepting my account & pw again :). If you sent a mail to me and don't get an answer, just resend it, sorry.


Wow. You answered at my pm :D. Thx
2006-03-15 06:46:00

Irrlicht cvs seems to be also broken :-(

cvs co Irrlicht
cvs [checkout aborted]: unrecognized auth response from M -!- Client or Server timeout occurred!
2006-03-15 09:16:00

You can always consult the sourceforge status page. For today you'll find this message:
"As of 2006-03-12 pserver (anonymous) CVS services, along with tarballs and ViewCVS are down for projects that start with the letters e, i, j, o, v, w and x. We hope to resolve this issue in the next 2 days."
Baal Cadar
2006-03-15 22:32:00

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