Ranges of electric cars

Posted on:January 14 2018

Did you ever consider buying an electric car? My current car is very old and nearing its death, so I thought maybe an electric car would be nice, as next one. Looking through the websites of all the car makers, you'll quickly notice that the both most important factors for buying such a car are usually not advertised at very prominent places: Price and Range. Sometimes, they are even missing on the website!

So I created a list with all current e-cars (available in Germany and Austria) which would be possible candidates, together with their range. You can see the list here, in German: Reichweiten von Elektroautos.

Maybe it could be useful to you too.


Thanks, very useful!
2018-01-14 14:28:00

the renault zoe sounds most interesting to me.

i would also like the twizzy if it had doors with real windows. :)
2018-01-20 13:15:00

I also thought that, why didn't they put windows into that thing? Too bad..
2018-01-22 09:04:00

Hi Niko
That is a good list. Another very important factor is the charging infrastructure made available to your specific vehicle type. E.g. charging stations compatible with your car's socket and perhaps a membership which is partnered with many charging stations and gives you good (or free) rates to charge. Furthermore your PKW's software is key - it should support intelligent distance measures which should remove the need for "long range" worries - it can detect the infrastructure around your car and calculate if you actually need to worry about charging on your trip (and if the stations are working). I speak from experience developing (managing) self-driving car tech for three years and driving an EV myself.

Greetings from Code3D :)
2018-01-31 23:22:00

Thanks :)
2018-02-02 08:02:00

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