End of Early Access

Posted on:January 12 2018

After more than one year and 15 updates, I've taken the survival game PostCollapse out of early access on Steam. The game has changed significantly since the first release on Steam. See this screenshot comparison for example:

The left shows the first released version of PostCollapse, and the right one how it looks now: The world is much more detailled, has better graphics and much more content. The game has evolved quite a lot during the early access phase.

The game now has reached a state where it feels like how it was supposed to be: You get the right feeling of solitude, and that you are alone and have to work for your survival. Also, although everything is still 100% procedurally generated, it doesn't feel that much articifial anymore, thanks to the feedback of all the players.

The major features introduced in the Early Access where the following:

  • A 'minecraft' mode which enables you to modify every building in the world

  • The possibility to create own buildings

  • Radiation zones

  • A 'hardcore' mode

  • The possibility to create fences and cupboards

  • Realtime shadows

  • Steam Trading cards

  • Much improved graphics

  • More types of animals

  • Tons and tons of gamplay tweaks

  • Translations for Spanish, Russian and German

  • Improved sound track

  • Minimap and zoomable map

  • and much more

Thanks to all the people who have brought the game with their feedback as far as it is now. Creating this game has been an interesting adventure!


This looks awesome!
Congratulations with Steam Release!
Vitaliy (rolevix
2018-01-12 13:32:00

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