PostCollapse 1.08

Posted on:April 07 2017

I just uploaded PostCollapse 1.08 to Steam. This update includes the changes with the new 3D tree models. The game is far from being good loocking, but I think it is much better now. I also stumbled upon an older screenshot from the game, which of these do you think is the new version? :D

I also added a way for the game to detect crashes and to ask the user if he wants to reset the settings to defaults once this was detected. I'll be working on shadows now, since this also will be the D3D prototype for the next CopperCube game engine update.


Yeah! That game becoming nice and better with every updates!
rolevix (Vitaliy
2017-04-07 09:58:00

The one on top is the new version! I win! whats my prize? Oh wait I know it's a bodacious new axe
2017-04-07 23:44:00

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