Generalizing women's strange behavior

Posted on:October 15 2005

Ever wondered why your girlfriend or female friend behaves strangely? Martin and AK [my condolence btw, something similar happened to me too ;)] recently wrote about it. My theory: It's because women simply think completely differently. And I think there is just one simple rule: It is not possible for them to hurt anybody using words, including themselves. They prefer not to answer mails and calls because they would have to hurt you saying 'no sorry, you're not the right one for me'. They get angry when you try to help them with their pc because it shows that they are incapable of doing it theirselves. (However, my experience has shown it works when you only blame the stupid PC or software for the problem). They begin to lie and invent excuses if they don't want to take part in an event they don't like instead of telling the host why. And before they say that you did something wrong, they simply look offended and behave strangely for hours and days.
But it's just a theory, and of course, there are exceptions. :)


Lt. Cmd. Worf: "They have no honor."
Duncan Mac Leod
2005-10-15 12:39:00

ever read the book "women are from venus, men from mars" ?

seriously, being married to an iranian women for 5 years now has given me some insight into such "subtle problems".

fact is that iranian social culture relies a big amount on a behavioural expression model which is the hell for us "cold europeans" and is almost exactly what you describe above.

i'd a hell of a time studying behavioural expressions in combination to the spoken words to get the right answers.

so i fully support your opinion !
2005-10-15 12:48:00

In my experience, women act the way you describe because they are trying to get one up on mankind, usually because they had a bad relationship in the past.
2005-10-16 19:13:00

women aren't evil. they just think differently than men. men are more logical. women are more emotional. it's within each sex's nature. so it's quite hard to find a women who's more logical than emotional. they do exist. they mature faster than male because they have to take care of the kid. male are logical so that they can support the family (financial/protection/etc.). woemen are more emotional in order to raise the kids. at any rate, all this stuff is covered in women are from venus, men from mars (i suggest the audio book's quite enlightening).
2005-10-18 06:22:00

This is great, you really nailed it. My "male logical behavior" is multiplied by my "logical programmer" mindset creating what appears to be an super-cold, unemotional human that is not afraid of hurting anyone's feelings. I just treat others like I would want to be treated. Don't ask me if I like something if you will be offended when I say "no".
2005-10-19 06:45:00

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