CopperCube 5.5

Posted on:October 26 2016

Finally, I pushed out a free update for CopperCube again, we are now at version 5.5. New features are:

  • Steam Integration

  • Improved First Person Shooter Controller

  • C++ source code (pro edition)

  • Flash source code (pro edition)

  • Android Multi-Touch support for 2D Overlays

  • Android First Person Shooter Camera improved

  • Scripting extension: ccbGetCurrentNode()

  • And other small improvements

There is also a new CopperCube website. It is responsive and minimal, and not very overloaded with information. I personally don't like that. For a 3D engine, I want detailed information, but it seems that people prefer this style now: Few shiny images, just very few lines of text, and that's it. At least all the information about CopperCube is still there, but now on the 'features' page. Let's see how this turns out. I'm looking forward to see what impact this has on sales and downloads.

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