Most Unity game ever!

Posted on:October 17 2016

I think this is the most funny review I received until now for PostCollapse:

Apparently that youtuber doesn't like the game, and he calls it the "Most Unity Suvival Game ever!". Ha :) That's especially funny since I'm one of the very, very few people out there which did this: I wrote nearly every line of code in my game from scratch, myself, in C++. Including the 3D engine. And sound engine. And collision detection. File System. Translation. Input handling. World generation. Hell, I even composed the music myself.
I'm interestingly not even mad, it is actually a bit entertaining :)


2016-10-17 09:17:00

"Oh, look, a new game. Let's play that game. Oh, it looks like someone used Unity to create that game. Let's not question that fact, read descriptions or - heaven forbid - do some research on it. Just call it 'made with Unity' and let's be done with it"

But wait... is that the new [popular game name]? Let's do some research, create videos titled "all you need to know about the fantastic new game using the new [game engine] and how good it actually looks just because... well, it's [brand name], right?", and be sure about the fact, that every game created by [brand name] with this fabulous [game engine] just HAVE to be good. Because... you know... it's [brand name]!

Sadly, no one's interested in the WORK anymore. One look, one judgment, we're done. *sigh*
2016-10-18 14:18:00

2016-10-18 14:19:00

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