The Android SDK Manager is now blatantly lying

Posted on:May 24 2016

A lot of people using CopperCube to create 3D Android apps suddenly complained that setting up the Android SDK for them newly doesn't work anymore. The Android SDK Manager would simply refuse to download the required API 8, and show a "Not compatible with Windows" status instead. Which appears to be a blatant lie.

The SDK worked the last years before flawlessly, and apparently wasn't even changed since then. Actually, you can still download the SDK from Google's servers manually, and it will do it's job without problems.

With this strange behavior, it looks like Google simple wants to force developers to use their newer SDKs. And after all, no one is still using version 2.2 anymore, right? But looking closely into it, there are still around one million people using this version of Android! (source, source). Also, my customers are forced to use that version as well, so there is no way around it for me.

Update:: Looks like this was a bug in the SDK Manager, and Google has fixed it already. Nice!


Xavier Ducrohet responded that it was a bug in their new publishing system:
2016-05-24 21:56:00

Wow, that was fast. Nice!
2016-05-25 02:15:00

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