How to get a free Steam key for CopperCube

Posted on:May 09 2016

Dear online journalist, game community manager, youtuber, streamer, and others. Thanks for requesting a free steam key, for you to review our 3D game engine on Steam. Unfortunately, we get numerous requests like these every day, and most of them are made by teenagers, gamers and similar, just trying to get a free steam key. For them to use themselves. And not for a review. Some people are really good at this, and using various sophisticated techniques, including faking a full website, just to get a free steam key. It is becoming increasingly difficult for us to check wether the request is valid, so please note:

  • There is a demo available on the steam page. Just click 'download demo'. It is fully functional. You can base your review on that, too.

  • If you have made a review based on that, and have really, really lots of readers/feedback and need a steam key then, then contact us. Send us a link to your review. We may send you a key as thank you then.

  • If you have a big youtube / twitch / twitter / whatever account, contact us directly via that, or with a mail address listed on that account.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Yeah, I kind of fit in this, ask for a review key, then never used it. Instead, I bought the engine as I felt it would help you out and make me more invested in the product I was reviewing/ doing tutorials on. Now I can say that it a better idea. CC5 is a great engine that I am happy to support.
2016-08-25 02:14:00

Thanks, that's nice.
2016-08-26 09:27:00

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