Update to gamedevnews

Posted on:April 19 2013

So the game development news website I launched about one month ago is going nicely. There are unfortunately not as much news to report about as I initially thought, but currently, it's about 3 interesting news items each week. People are visiting the website frequently, and gamedevnewsnet even has 19 followers on twitter already! :)

It probably will take a bit of time until the site grows, but it is a nice start. If you want to help, it would of course be nice to follow the gamedevnews account on twitter, retweet stuff you like from time to time, or better: If you developed some game development software or found out about some news, submit it. I'll definately keep the site updated.


I like that page. Also, looks like you fixed the layout problem in Chrome, thanks.
2013-04-19 17:49:00

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