Posted on:April 18 2013

I'm currently working again a bit in Java, primarily because I'm currently testing out how to implement a neat extension also in the Android App target of CopperCube. And it is always frustrating when working with new Java APIs. Not sure why, but Java API developers seem to want to put as many Interfaces, Classes and Factories into there, to make their library look fancy. And they seem to forget that the documenting and example writing part is usually the most important part when creating a library to be used by others. If your library is there for doing one thing, then don't create 50 packages and 250 classes for it, without telling me how the hell I'm going to use that. I now tried 5 different ways to achieve what I wanted to, but it seems that it still doesn't work. Sometimes, the simpler the interface to a library is, the better it is.


"If your library is there for doing one thing" is something, many programmers forget. They start out with a simple library, doing exactly one thing right. But they keep adding (sometimes unnessecary) features and miss the point, where they should have splitted it into two or more libraries, ending up in one huge, messy collection of interfaces, classes...
2013-04-18 09:38:00

im a java developer. better if you choose a library that was done test driven, and with good test coverage. would be clean, and also lots of code to see on how to use the api
2013-05-02 01:56:00

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