10000 male users reached

Posted on:April 29 2010

Yay, Bienen und Blumen, the free german online dating site we are running as side project now has more than 10000 male users:

Suchergebnisse von 1 bis 10 von insgesamt 10007.

The female user count is *slightly* lower, but it's the same ratio as most other free and honest online dating pages have. This is not only nice because it means the page is still constantly growing but also because it feels nice: a lot of happy people write to us that we helped them finding finally a partner, which is quite rewarding. Similar to creating open source software :)


It is really so good site. I like it very much. The best and most useful site. Completely justifies my effort in learning German.
2010-04-30 18:28:00

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