Security vs Freedo^H^H^H^H^H^H Performance

Posted on:April 28 2010

Just wondered why the performance dropped strangely. The framerate of a CopperLicht scene just dropped from 40 to something between 3 and 10, both in Chrome/Chromium and in FireFox/MineField.
Reverting my recent changes didn't help. Strange. A short look at the notification icons next to the task bar clock then revealed the problem: Virus scanner running. Argl.


My virus scan used to be set to 3:00am Sunday morning; so this was usually a good sign that I was up late working when I should be sleeping! I have to admit though that I haven't ran a virus scanner in over a decade but neither have I used windows on my home pc during that time either; I realise other OSes don't have as many people writing viruses for them as windows but I haven't been burned yet so until I start getting burned it'll probably stay that way.

Heh; I even used to kill explorer.exe cause it used too many resources at one point :-D. Also TortoiseSVNProc.exe used to hoard memory but they seem to have fixed that in the latest revisions....
2010-04-28 15:44:00

Well, here at work my Computer is often stuck for about 10 minutes because the virus scanner goes nuts, but my home-PC doesn't have such problems.
2010-04-29 07:27:00

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