Why I stopped paying Google last week

Posted on:March 04 2010

Recently I asked in the google adwords support forum when they will support Opera again. The problem is that the first page of adwords works in Opera, but then clicking anything will open a page telling you that Opera is not supported anymore. Which is quite a shame because all other Google websites work with Opera and for adwords, I'm even paying money.

I already had filled out several feedback forms but never received an answer in that direction, so I posted it into the support forum and was happy that I even received an answer from a google employee named 'Agatha': "I just installed opera and opened my adwords account and it seems to work. You probably have a old version of opera". (translated, the original answer was in german language). But of course, I always use the latest versions of opera.

BIG, BIG *facepalm*.
What probably happened here is that google employee Agatha simply logged into the account, saw that it works without clicking anything. She also failed to see that there is a list of official supported browsers without Opera in it. And of course, she never answered anymore to the posts in the forum.

I know, I only run a very small company. But since I cannot use google adwords anymore with my preferred, perfectly web standards compatible browser, I now stopped giving them my advertising money and will start giving it to their competition from now on.


looks like they are actively bullying opera...
2010-03-04 18:14:00

good move. when a company starts to monopolize a market they will slowly become a bully at the same time.
2010-03-04 19:15:00

And people wonder why it's bad to let Google control our access to anything. They are like the gatekeepers of internet traffic now. Poor poor Opera... =(

I hope the alternatives are just as effective, good luck! :)
2010-03-05 15:40:00

Opera is far from perfectly standards compatible.
2010-03-05 23:25:00

I dont got this problem and received the payment in a right time (((
2010-03-07 17:17:00

Good for you Niko. Stand up to them.
Google used to stand for inclusion, it would seem they have changed tactics.

Perhaps "Don't be evil" is no longer their motto ;D
2010-03-21 20:13:00

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