Bad Reviews

Posted on:March 03 2010

Not sure what happend, but the new version of Darkness Springs received some quite harsh and bad reviews, although previous versions have been liked very much by the majority of people. Ok, lots of people still like it, but the reactions of some people are really a bit strange. Example:

Here is what I'm going to do for you [AuthorOfTheGame]. I'm going to wait for a cracked version of your game to appear, download the game, host it on every media sharing website known to man and then I'm going to delete it from my computer.

Strange, hm?
But there are some good news as well: Darkness Springs on Facebook has been approved and now is available in the Application/Game directory. And I also removed the need to allow the game to post on your wall, because some people didn't really like that.


Does he mean that he wants to do free marketing for your game? :) After all he seems to have spent some time and thoughts on it :)... W e i r d o
2010-03-03 10:03:00

Sounds like DS on Facebook brought in a broader audience including some aggressive people. After all it is PR. Even bad PR is PR. Nice guy who helps you spreading the word ;)
2010-03-03 12:52:00

to me he sounds like a kid that has nothing else better to do haha
2010-03-04 00:44:00

crack for DS means remaking DS completely or ripping flash code, as their is no client side(Lineage crack "L2J" required a complete rebuilt of its server and that also after source code leak, and that too was also possible due to Lineage having large client side code on user system). And if one can remake DS he will not release it as crack but instead make money from it by making it his own game(ripping source code aslo will lead to same result). This person really does not know anything about cracks and is applying the theory out of max upper boundary.

He may wait all his life for a crack to appear, and funnily enough he will after publicizing your game, will himself delete it from his computer(he cannot delete it as DS stores even save file on server). This man has taken a impossible(even in theory) task. Great laughs.
2010-03-05 16:20:00

Hm, I wonder *what exactly* (some) people don't like about the new version? The quote given might just origin from a "drunken low-brow", as it totally lacks any reasons. But did any others give more details?
2010-03-06 23:08:00

Maybe it's because "pieceful" should really be spelt "peaceful", in the intro animation? ;)

I actually had a bad reveiew for a game because the reviewer got hung up on a consistent grammar error I had made.
Spelling Pedant
2010-03-07 19:21:00

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