First hackers, now Thieves. 2010, you don't like me, eh?

Posted on:January 12 2010

Argh. I know, I shouldn't write blog posts when I'm angry, but it just happened and I wanted to blog something this evening anyway. ;)

Somebody sent me a letter with a key in it. I just opened the mailbox and found the envelope where the key should be inside. But in wasn't. Instead there is a big, torn out hole in the envelope, about the size of that key. It doesn't look like an accident, it looks exactly like somebody noticed the envelope is quite heavy and ripped out the key. And put the empty envelope back again into my mailbox.

This will cost me 500 euro to replace the locks for that key. 500 euro! Boy, I'm sooo angry right now.


poor niko :-(
2010-01-12 17:00:00

in Manila, you cant use regular mail for sending something with any value. 99% will get stolen.
2010-01-12 17:03:00

Sorry to hear that. Hopefully the locks become replaced soon. Thank god I'm living in the Austrian countryside where thiefs get pilloried when caught ;)
2010-01-12 18:29:00

You're supposing key was there ;)
2010-01-13 03:45:00

Sorry to hear that. I think I would have spammed all forums I am in if that happened to me.

Last time something was stolen from me was in the subway in Rome. Suddenly my Wallet was missing, but my girlfriend noticed it, pulled the emergency brake and we ran after the thief. Dropped my wallet, so everything was fine.
2010-01-13 07:20:00

I have to agree to a certain degree with angel: Never send anything too valuable with mail, especially if that valuable something grants access to something you don't want a stranger to have access to...
2010-01-13 08:17:00

Last time my wallet was picked too, in a bus. It took me almost a month to remake all my bank cards and identity document. :/
2010-01-13 09:38:00

Yup, Never Never Ever send anything too valuable with mail unless and untill in great need, for your own benefit. Thinks get lost and stolen in mail andthief cannot be catched, (Here in India we get through postman and if house is locked it goes back to post office where it can be latter collected, or the post man may bring it back after 1 or 2 days)
2010-01-13 16:29:00

mhm you should insure this letter, cost a little but more, but yeah you would saved 500€.
2010-01-15 18:46:00

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