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Posted on:January 04 2010

When I tried to recover from the holidays last weekend, I watched a film from the 80s on DVD. It is set in Afghanistan during the Soviet-Afghan War. An american soldier fights together with the Afghanistan people against the evil Russians who are brutally murdering and torturing the poor people there.

While watching the film which is just a stupid action film - named 'Rambo III', you've maybe guessed it - it constantly shows what military operations the Russians are doing to portray them as evil. Every time they do this, you'll notice that what they are showing there is EXACTLY what we are currently doing in Afghanistan. We, that's the U.S., Germany, United Kingdom, France, Austria and all the other ISAF nations.

I've never seen something telling me more directly that we are the bad guys like this stupid action movie. And the funny part is that it was originally trying to do the opposite. It's a quite shocking experience. (Not that I ever thought the Afghanistan war is right. But it's still quite shocking)

Interesting note: The film ends with the words "This film is dedicated to the gallant people of Afghanistan".


I'm wondering if there is an organisation rating movies for their propaganda potential?
2010-01-04 18:32:00

Hi, I have been trying to register on your irrlicht3d forum but it will not send me any e-mails, just thought you might like to know. Also a massive thankyou for producing something more streamlined and feature rich than Microsoft XNA gamestudio which is making me laugh alot! I may have a tutorial for the forum which is why I wanted to post there. (virtual worlds & holes in maps), I'm currently building the tutorial as well as a tutorial in adding gameScreens to applications rendering in 3D 2.5D and 2D(3D with a camera viewed on a 2D pane), thanks for you time and sorry for commenting in the wrong place
Marcus F
2010-01-04 22:34:00

@Marcus F: Forums on sourceforge can't send out mails. You should still be registered. Did you try just logging in with your name and password?
2010-01-05 04:55:00

I like that movie!
2010-01-05 11:16:00

I certainly did and it would not let me, so I tried asking for a new password and that would not send me an e-mail either, strange isn't it
Marcus F
2010-01-05 11:28:00

omg plz ignore all of this I am such a retard I was inputting me e-mail as a login lol now it does work
Marcus F
2010-01-05 11:32:00

Hey, It's really nice to see that there is someone who can notice this.
If you want some more, I recommend you take a look at those movies with fanatic religious organizations which keeps the whole movie doing and saying such stupid things and trying to completely extinguish the *wonderful* american way of life, just because they are *really* BAD. I know you may say that they don't say stupid things and they are really willing to destroy the U.S. without any reason - but trust me, thats because you are american, and thats the stupid way you see the rest of the world.
2010-01-08 04:14:00

@leo, American way of life is wonderful, and every way has some negative things to it. Neither I am completely happy with my Asian Indian Way(though I like its many things) nor with your American Way(though I like its many things). Main point is too use the good and leave the bad. As it is, America is doing pretty good and so are many countries. Though I doubt samme can be said about afghanistan or pakistan(exactly who controls its nuclear weapons?).
"but trust me, thats because you are american, and thats the stupid way you see the rest of the world." is a personal problem of a person not a absolute fact and depends on person in question.
For Ex. Bill Gates is donating lot of money and his way of seeing rest of world seems fine to me(in charity matters).

I like Rambo 3 also very much and it is a very good action movie, funny too :)
2010-01-08 17:27:00

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