Irrlicht Analyzed

Posted on:November 24 2009

Issam Lahlali wrote a comprehensive article in which he analyzes Irrlicht with CppDepend, a Static Analysis Tool for C++.

Of course, the blog post is a kind of advertisement for cppdepend, but it's nevertheless quite interesting, I didn't even know that tool exists. Also, issam seems to come to the conclusion that Irrlicht is quite well designed, so it's worth a read ;)


Maybe those tools are overkill, well it depends on size of project and time frame to analyze it. I like reading other people's codes for techniques and general assimilation. If a project is really big, I'll just use a pencil and paper to layout how it works.

I've been reading Irrlicht source code recently and really like the descriptions in the code comments and also the fluid layout of the engine. The Drop() design for objects, was an "epiphany" moment; at the same time simple/powerful way to minimize memory leaks. Not to mention the renderer API independence and how that's maintained. (reading on...)
2009-11-24 22:16:00

Ah yeah, I saw his blog post on Ogre some days ago. Interesting that he tries to analyze similar project types.
2009-11-25 00:07:00

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