User Rating (In)consistencies

Posted on:November 16 2009

Ok, sometimes I don't get it: the recently released new version of DSDefense, DSDefense 2 has worse ratings than the original first version, although those games are nearly the same. The only difference is a new background of the main menu and about a dozen small improvements, demanded by the players of the first version. Absolutely strange.
See for yourself: on Kongregate, DSDefense 1 was rated 3.37, while the recent, improved version has a rating of only 3.12. Could be a measurement error, but it's the same same on Newgrounds: first version 3.92, second, 'improved' version 3.36.
WTF :)


Without having played one of the games, I would guess that DSDefense 2 being nearly the same as DSDefense is exactly the reason for the lower ratings.

If you add a version number, people expect (a lot of) new features etc. etc. If there are only few changes, they are disappointed and give lower rating.
2009-11-16 17:00:00

was my first thought but I don't think those flash game playing kids remember any game at all..
2009-11-16 17:47:00

Or, maybe, the public taste is simply getting more and more refined. As a consequence, the changes you introduced make the players feel like the quality is not comparable (or superior) to the first release (at the time of release, obviously).

In other words, other games will have been deployed in the mean-time, most likely raising the bar for expected features/quality.
2009-11-17 09:30:00

I'd also say it's due to the version numbering.
2009-11-18 03:33:00

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