CopperCube Tutorial: First Person Shooter Controls in Actionscript 3

Posted on:October 26 2009

JQuindlen from Weishaupt Games just published a nice tutorial for CopperCube which shows how to implement your own First Person Shooter camera controller using Actionscript 3.
CopperCube already includes a feature like that which you can use without the need to write code, but the weishaupt-games approach adds a lot more features to it.


now that unity is free, isn't this huge competition to coppercube? :s
2009-10-30 02:26:00

Hm, not really, CopperCube is based on Flash while Unity is not. (Unity using its own plugin and it's quite difficult to get users to download and install a new plugin just to view or play 3d inside websites)
2009-10-30 09:44:00

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