Posted on:October 21 2009

After I blogged about my first steps with HTML 5's canvas, I tried out the code on various browsers installed on my PC, and was surprised that it ran very slowly on Firefox (I'm using Opera as main browser). That's why I updated the post with 'Wow, this is quite slow on FireFox. Opera rules. :)'. But some users begged to differ, claiming FireFox would render my nice JavaScript Fractal in a fraction of the time Opera needed to do so.

It looked like I still had some quite old Firefox version installed, and since about Firefox 3.1, that browser is now using JIT compilation for JavaScript, based on the open source library Nanojit, giving it a huge performance boost. And in point of fact, my canvas experiment really runs incredibly fast on Firefox 3.5. Impressive. It appears Firefox is even faster than the hyped Chrome V8 JavaScript engine, interesting.

Maybe we - as game developers - should keep that Nanojit library in mind, could be useful in a future project. But as long as sentenses like "Figuring out how to compile it is left as an exercise for the reader" appear on the website of the Nanojit library, maybe we could wait still a bit. ;)


On Linux Chromium is much faster than FF for me, but FF has always been slow on Linux.
2009-10-21 18:27:00

Hey, I read your post about adsense and all. Did you happen to write them an appeals letter? AdSense is no longer on my site for some "click fraud" and the worst part is that i have no way of proving it since I didn't have a site tracker at the moment. I had AdSense since last December, and ended 5 days ago. I haven't heard from them since.

Any suggestions?

sorry for commening about an irrelevant topic btw.
2009-10-21 23:42:00

"Figuring out how to compile it is left as an exercise for the reader"

Geez. If he didn't anyone to actually use his software, he could have just made it closed source...

Reading statements like these make me want to reach through the monitor and slap the author.
2009-10-22 10:46:00

"Stop nagging around, after all you're not paying for it" ...almost the same type of statements which one often gets to hear from (mostly crappy) opensource projects...
2009-10-22 10:56:00

@kiki: never heard any response from google
2009-10-23 09:31:00

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