Opera 10 released

Posted on:September 01 2009

Opera 10 has been released, and it is great. It has some nice new features, I personally like the possibility to resize the tabs very much, which then include thumbnails of the website. Wondering when Firefox and IE will be copying this feature again. :)


I personally don't use the visual tabs very often, because I prefer to use the space for the website. The most useful feature for me is the spell-checker =).

And I hope that Opera will soon take advantage of the new Taskbar in Windows 7.
2009-09-01 19:52:00

Hey good stuff...keep up the good work! :)
Bill Bartmann
2009-09-02 23:44:00

Not to forget Opera Unite which is rather nice to use for exchanging files without the need for a server. Real sysops probably start laughing, but for everyone else it's just great.
2009-09-05 07:38:00

Excellent site, keep up the good work
Bill Bartmann
2009-09-09 19:14:00

I leaved Opera long ago. They was gona breaking jacvascript compatibility. I've seen many sites that just doesn't work with Opera.This saga was started after 6.x version as far I remember.
Well, I just downloaded Opera 10 and found that one from my old Ajax projects already work with Opera again. :) After 9.26 version this app just stooped with Opera. So, I agree with google guys. Every new coming Opera release can surprise you from the side of light or darkness - like a woman ;)
One month ago I tried my highslide similar Image library with IE8, FFox,Safari Chrome and Opera 10-today.
The smooth effect I got only with FFox and Safari. Like a fly.
Another browsers just sucks with fast image rendering like pedestrians. IE 7 was fast. IE 8 is thereby. Opera and Chrome are very slow in this test despite I was seeing many good published Ajax results related with Chrome. It's slow.
Every can make such test with highslide demo, despite that highslide image grows and moves not very smooth. Even without performance tools.
FFox 3.5.2 rendering is faster by my opinion at now. Safari is fast too.
I don't know how this is present on Niko's Flash tests, because have not big experience with Macromedia/Adobe technology except that I hate Eclipse memory leaked IDE. As if Adobe are unable to write own true RAD IDE ;) Yet flash uses own plugin, but is interestingly what frame rate will get Niko's demo with mentioned browsers above.
2009-09-10 00:50:00

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