Bienen und Blumen now also in .DE

Posted on:July 17 2009

Bienen und Blumen now is also available under, previously we only had the .com adress. It looks like a lot of people tend to type in the name directly, and are used to append .de for german websites by default. This means less confusion for a lot of our users, yay. Thanks to Ulf Klose, the previous owner of that domain for handing it off to us!
BTW: Bienen und Blumen is currently doing great, we breached the magical 10.000 user barrier some days ago.
(Bienen und Blumen is the small german dating site we are running, if you are wondering.)


Bienen und Blumen is so good and full of good features that its ascension is not surprising. It is really very good dating site with all necessary features. Only thay it is more targeted towards german people and is not international, but then it was meant to be that only. The site is really very good.
2009-07-17 18:40:00

I really like Bienen and Blumen too, but you should consider making the websites more dynamic e.g. by using AJAX.
2009-08-03 00:17:00

Hm, but why? Where would I need such functionality?
2009-08-03 17:56:00

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