Worship my mad 3d modelling skillz

Posted on:June 02 2009

I utilized the bad weather last weekend to improve my poor 3d modelling skills a bit and created a small 3d scene. This is my first model which actually uses some real UV mapping instead of simple planar mapping: The whole model only uses 2 textures altough it looks like a lot more. It still sucks but I personally like it ;)
Thanks to CopperCube, you can take a look at the model in realtime here:

There are a lot of things to improve, but I still like it. It resembles the look of a game I am planning to create should I have some time again (not looking that good for now), and maybe this would be the starting point for the game then.


Very nice scene, love the skybox and the textures!

I noticed a little bit of popping with the tree planes and background geometry. Also I think it may look better with mipmapping turned off.

I'm betting you're new game project will be great, drop me a note if you're needing any models or art assets ;)
Joseph Parker
2009-06-02 21:00:00

Heyho Niko,

Ich würde bei der Engine, das Filtern der Texturen mal ändern. Wenn ich stehen bleibe, dann werden die Texturen sofort weich, davor sind sie Pixelig. Aber ich muss ganz klar zugeben, sie sind zu weich. ein wenig härter währe sehr viel schöner.
2009-06-03 08:09:00

yes, maybe I'm going to add an option so that coppercube won't try to reduce the rendering quality, this would remove the popping.
thanks for the models/art offer, let's see :)

@jan: ja, da ist eher das UV mapping schuld, also ich bin noch nicht so gut beim modellieren [bin ja eher programmierer ;)] und hab's an manchen stellen viel zu gering aufgelöst gemacht.
2009-06-03 16:19:00

is it possible to do mirrors in the editor? or similar effect? thanks!
2009-06-04 11:25:00

2009-06-06 01:45:00

It looks very good. Runs fast on my home system too. Its a linux system so I guess that means copper is cross platform =]
2009-06-06 01:46:00

xteraco coppercube is Flash engine. So ofcourse it runs on Linux that has nothing to do with coppercube since coppercube runs in Flash therefore where Flash player is coppercube runs. :)
2009-06-21 00:49:00

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