IE8 bug - explorer opens every folder in new window on Vista

Posted on:May 04 2009

Just downloaded and installed Internet Explorer version 8 on my Vista Machine, and was surprised in two ways: At first, it looked pretty nice. Cool new options, cleaner interface, developer tools included. And all my websites still work with it.
But after I returned to programming I noticed that this update crippled some other functionality on the system: Double clicking folders in the file explorer now opens every folder in a new window, despite I've selected the other setting in the options dialog. After googling it seems like I'm not the only one with these problems but none of the workarounds suggested on the internets seem to work, and Microsoft closed the bug as 'not reproducible'. Great.

Update, Solution to this problem:
  • Start IE once as administrator. The problem seems then to solved for most users. (not for me)
  • IF the above doesn't help, do the following: Start a command prompt as administrator and type 'regsvr32 actxprxy.dll', ENTER. That's it. Solved the problem for me.


2009-05-04 18:37:00

Doesn't apply to me. If there are two folders on my desktop and I open both, both will open a new window, but once I open another folder inside those, it will reuse the existing "parent" window (like I expect it to do). And as far as I know that's how it should work as well. (Running Vista x64 Ultimate with IE8)
2009-05-04 20:28:00

You can try this, it works for me :-)
"This has a very easy fix. Just run internet explorer as Administrator for once and the problem will go away."
2009-05-04 23:59:00


Windows has a big advantage: It runs the software I want to run.
2009-05-05 00:12:00

Total Commander ftw ;)
2009-05-05 11:17:00

thanks loonychewy, but that didn't help either.. :/
2009-05-05 16:15:00

Nah. Ubuntu++ =)
The only problem I have is that TuxGuitar is waaay behind GuitarPro.
But hey. All the other sound recording software works well and is easy to find, and is free. And looks purty =)
2009-05-05 18:48:00

// Fly the camera around the city.
var eye = [ Math.sin(g_clock * g_cameraSpeed) * g_cameraRadius, 10,
Math.cos(g_clock * g_cameraSpeed) * g_cameraRadius];
g_viewInfo.drawContext.view = g_math.matrix4.lookAt(
[0, 0, 0], // target
[0, 1, 0]); // up

Thats a camera ? lol nobody going to use that, dont worry niko
2009-05-05 22:39:00

Well, there is only one solution...Firefox :)
help for free in
2009-05-06 22:06:00

I had the same problem on both of my computers. On my laptop the "start as administrator" fixed the problem but on my desktop none of the above worked. However both ie8 and explorer worked fine on another account on this computer that wasn't administrator. So I made the other account administrator, made my account a standard user, ran ie8 as administrator on my account and then turned my account back to administrator and the other account back to standard user. This solved the problem for me, hope it helps someone. I don't know if this had any part in the solution but i also enabled/disabled UAC once.
2009-05-16 08:16:00

THnx dude, 2nd solution worked for me as well.. I had the problem after I installed the IE7 standalone version
2009-05-18 15:31:00

I just uninstalled IE8 - it just messed up my system.
Tabs loaded websites as "save file as".
The browser took minutes to load a site while I loaded them at the same time with FireFox or Chrome in 2 seconds...
IE is history for me.
I installed the IE-Tab plugin for Firefox to do my online banking now :)
2009-05-23 14:36:00

Nice, i thougth it was a fast browser, but it did to much bad to my system. Microsoft did not understand that they have to build an application that runs as standalone like every other browser does. Firefox FTW
2009-05-27 05:25:00

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