About Estate Agents and Changing Life

Posted on:July 11 2005

I just wanted to write something about those strange estate agents in Vienna, when I noticed that currently, it looks like I'm changing my life completely. And I didn't become aware of this at all before:
  • I just passed an exam which I didn't dare to take for the last 5 years.
  • I 've got a new job which will start this week.
  • I've just lost my girlfriend.
  • I am currently getting a new appartment.
That's a lot of changes, but it doesn't feel like im getting different or something. ;)
Back to the estate agents: I found that really cool appartment. I called the estate agent immediately, but he wasn't available. I tried it again, the whole day long, even left my number and the secretary told me that I would be called back. I wasn't called back at all and then I tried the email form. No response either. Then, we tried to fill the email form again, but we added one small thing. Instead of just the name, we added a 'Mag.' in front of it. (That's Austrian for 'MBA', for example). Result: We received an invitation for an inspection immediately. How sick is this?


I can remember a former teacher of mine who really didn't care about his master degree. But when he went to a doctor he always said his name and added "Mag."
2005-07-11 21:31:00

Yeah, they are pretty stuppid..
2005-07-11 21:58:00

I lost my girlfriend to man I feel for ya. But hey it happens all the time when your a computer guy! That just mean more coding time! Nah, but really it sucks but life will go on. COngrats on the new apartment.
2005-07-12 05:50:00

Cool, where do you work now?
2005-07-12 19:23:00

Nothing with games, should update the text above. hm.
2005-07-13 14:18:00

Hehe.. I won't have as much trouble contacting people now that I can pull out a business card that says

John Goewert, Owner

Actually, I don't have business cards yet. However, as soon as we get the Sales Tax Number from the gov't back, we will be selling controller cozies and tshirts... with zombies! As well as have a beta of our first product, the Lomby Zombie Teaser-Screen saver. We will ship to Europe and most of the Americas.
2005-07-14 15:56:00

"Nothing with games, should update the text above. hm."
Does that mean, we should expect an open source database engine in next couple of months ? :)
(persobaly i would like one of those)
2005-07-17 10:47:00

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