3D Collision and Physics in Flash

Posted on:April 03 2009

I uploaded a new demo of CopperCube, the 3D engine for flash I am working on. This time it is graphically not very impressive (because of my poor modelling skills), but technically maybe still a bit interesting:

(Click on the image to start this as demo)

You can walk around in that room, collide with walls and walk up stairs. A simple collision system, but because a lot of people call this 'physics' already I named it that way as well [gravity is involved after all ;)]. Also notice that the engine has become a bit faster since I posted the first demo.
And additionally: How do you like the new Ambiera website?


New site, as well as demo, are really nice!!!
Respect!!! :)
2009-04-03 11:35:00

"Free Software Additionally, there is some free and open source software available: " This seems a bit misleading since irrEdit is not open source. I know you *could* call software trhat is free as in beer "free software" but it genereally means something different and i think this is confusing.

Also, your links dont show that hand-cursor you normally see when hovering a link. I don't like that at all. :P At first i was confused, because the first three links just lead to the index, i was even afraid your menu required javascript or something. *shudder*

I think i like your new site better than the old one, but i havent seen the old one in a while.

I'm on a very slow computer right now, and the demo still had 10fps, dunno if that's impressive or not though; but it surprised me. I was sometimes able to see the strairs through the floor.
2009-04-03 12:10:00

Matthias: What browser are you using? That the cursor isn't shown correctly over links seems to be a bug.
2009-04-03 12:15:00

Heyho Niko,

Ich testete gerade die Demo, aber bei mir gibts andauernd Z-Order Fehler, bei den Wänden. Sieht nicht wirklich schick aus.

Lg. Jan
2009-04-03 13:29:00

Yes, those z-sorting problems will be solved in the final version.
2009-04-03 13:54:00

so this uses the painter's algorithm instead of a z-buffer? are intersecting polygons possible with it?
2009-04-03 14:10:00

I think a top priority should be making it look right. There's some instances where triangles seem to disappear and cause a hole in the walls. Great work so far, keep it up!
2009-04-03 14:39:00

CopperCube is very impressive. Nice work though I'd like to know where you got the name from? :)

About the site? Well, I know I can easily find whatever I need about every project that is there. No troubles navigating the site and there's also all the information I need about every project. Well Done.
2009-04-03 15:31:00

Yeah, the site is okay. I really don't understand his problem. And for every AJAX site you need Javascript by the way...
2009-04-03 16:07:00

The functionality of Ambierra.com seems the same as previous, now using menus instead of side tabs. Personally I find up tabs like in gamespot.com, easier to implement anf functionally far more easy and powerful then menus. I also was a fan of menus when I saw the tough usability of it when it can be replaced easily with tabs-rollovers. Also The poster type of looks of various products on front page is very attractive, functional and useful. Though side pane tree view was a bit more easier and powerful in my opinion.
I say all this after considering many possible alternatives for my fifty page site. And I found a system like gamespot .com very useful for looks and functionality. The amount of info compressed in 800 px width page on that site is very good and easily located.
2009-04-03 18:18:00

I also was a fan of menus before I saw the tough usability of it when it can be replaced easily with tabs-rollovers- correcting myself
2009-04-03 18:19:00

there is a bug if you press a and w or w and d at the same time.
2009-04-04 10:34:00

Very Impressive! I specially liked the foggy effect on the room's windows.
Juan Tarquino
2009-04-04 16:05:00

My mouse pointer does not change to a hand when hovering over the menus at the top. I'm using Firefox 3.0.8 on Windows XP. The mouse pointer changes to a hand over other types of links though.
2009-04-04 16:47:00

Very cool!!
Plan for read native blender format ? should be amazing! If yes iam going to byt it before release , :D my english is bad !!
2009-04-06 14:36:00

I mean buy . :D!!!
2009-04-06 14:37:00

GREAT! Impressive work, i definitely would like to try it (sorry for my english)
2009-04-08 09:18:00

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