BB mentioned in another magazine

Posted on:March 26 2009

Wow, Bienen und Blumen (a small german dating website we created some months ago) has just been mentioned again in a printed magazine. Unfortunately, they simply summarize the article of that other magazine which already featured Bienen und Blumen, but who cares. This new article was published in a magazine named AK für Sie, which every employee in Austria automatically receives, so there must a quite a huge amount of copies, I guess. The bad thing: I know nobody who actually reads 'AK für Sie', when I received it regualarily some years ago I usually was treating it as waste paper as well. :)

I've uploaded a picture of the relevant parts of the text if you are interested. :)


Cool! Congratulations Niko!
Next time send us your CNN link :)
2009-03-26 22:21:00

That's interesting, what's the purpose of the AK für Sie magazine? why does every employee receives it?
2009-03-27 01:54:00

information, I guess. And for spending tax money. :)
2009-03-27 13:35:00

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