irrEdit 1.5

Posted on:January 26 2009

I just released irrEdit 1.5, the free 3D editor using the Irrlicht Engine. It is compatible with Irrlicht 1.5, but I had to modify the engine slightly in order to make it work with relative file paths again. The source of that modified Irrlicht version is included in that package. We will change Irrlicht in the near future so that saved .irr files will use relative file names by default again, I guess.
Because it took that much time porting irrEdit to the new Irrlicht version, there are nearly no new features in it, except some new exporting options (*.stl, *.obj), which Irrlicht already supported.


Do I recognize a slightly pissed undertone in this posting? ;-)
2009-01-26 22:27:00

At least I don't recognize any undo function in this posting.
2009-01-26 22:39:00

Nice ... been waiting for this since the release of Irrlicht 1.5. Now I can start to port my current project (an Irrlicht - ODE wrapper) to 1.5 (I want to make plugins available for that wrapper).
2009-01-27 14:14:00

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