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Posted on:January 16 2009

It's really hard not to write about the ongoing Gaza war, especially if Israel now seems to be using weapons like white phosphorus which is incredible cruel and banned by the Geneva Convention, and seems to have already killed more than 300 children: about 1100 people in total, most of them women and children.
But I resist. I've been told that political statements are not good for this blog.


It is good that you resist. It is always good to learn more about the true facts, other then your mainstream politically correct media suggests. Read (for example, start with before you write about cruelty, hatred and using own women and children as human shields.
2009-01-16 12:18:00

Yes, Andrei, it is always a good idea to approach one of the involved parties of a war about true and unbiased facts o_O

Sorry, I would trust neither israelis or jews nor palestinians or muslims to tell me "the truth" right now.
2009-01-16 12:51:00

Well I don't like what's going on there either (and I'm from israel) but the things the terrorists are doing are no match on cruelty to what's going on right now.
They target children and families with their bombs. Israel has tried everything else before going inside - for freaking 8 years Israel has taken bombs and still tried to solve it without going into war. This was is our last result, and if you'll think about it a bit more you'll understand we're doing a favor for the whole world fighting the terrorists that would harm your country next.

When the terrorists attack they target civilians and when we attack we worn them first so the civilians would get out of the location so they wont get hurt. The terrorists are the reason the people of Gaza are getting hurt.

Don't forget that they also abducted a soldier few years ago and haven't returned him yet.

We want to end the suffering ASAP when they would stop terrorize Israel and make peace with us.

And like Andrei said; They are using their people as human shields - how can you not expect to hear so many people dying.
And don't forget the psychological war - showing only children and woman suffering on the news making the world think we're the bad guys.

They terrorized us for years, talking has not helped, time to use our power and strength to change the status quo and stop the death.

And don't even think about comparing corpses count as this isn't a fair fight, we are stronger and we use our power to defend ourselves.
2009-01-16 13:11:00

"And don't even think about comparing corpses count as this isn't a fair fight, we are stronger and we use our power to defend ourselves."
"the things the terrorists are doing are no match on cruelty to what's going on right now."

Thats an interesting statement. So we cannot "measure fault" in terms of dead bodies, but we can measure it in terms of cruelty (i.e. using childs/women, etc). Well, I think the focus on "blaming" is all wrong and is what keeps this thing alive now. Stop thinking there is a "good guy" in any war.

Personally, I don't think things will get better within a couple of generations more. I am from Spain, and we do have had a terrorism group acting here for decades. The point is that armed power (either terrorists or government army) have their fundings in the suffering of the people that supports them. Unfortunately, in the case of Israel/Palestine, this suffering seems to be now 'desire of revenge' and that is what makes the whole thing a vicious circle. Until one of the sides starts forgiving the thing will never calm down.

That or by complete extermination of the other side (another interesting statement taking into account Israel's history).

I really hope the international communities (europe, north america and the surrounding middle east countries) would stop "taking a side" in the war and would start censuring it and making pressure on both sides to stop this crazy stupidity.
That's just an opinion though..
2009-01-16 15:40:00

Sorry to bring this up but the article Andrei has brought up is far from impartial. I'm not standing up for Hamas by any chance whatsoever, but Israel hasn't exactly been an example for anyone either. For instance, how came Israel claims to have responded to fire coming from UN buildings? Is the UN in bed with Hamas also? Where there human shields in UN buildings? Its treatment of Palestinians is also open to debate, to say the least [had a few links here, removed them so niko's bot won't take me as a spammer... *sigh*]

"In addition to confiscating land, Israelis have taken control of road systems, water supplies, electricity, employment and markets in the occupied territories. For example, the water from the Sea of Galilee has been diverted for Israeli agricultural use in the Negev while West Bank residents now rely for some 60 per cent of their water on supplies controlled by Israel, which has prevented the digging or repairing of wells by residents in the occupied territories. [...] Similarly, some 90 per cent of Palestinian electricity is dependent on electrical grids from Israel. This dependence has often come about through the dismantling of autonomous Palestinian electrical supplies."

And why did Israel try to halt the UN Assembly?

Hamas are terrorists. Their disregard for human life gives them no rights and betrays the very cause they stand for. But Israel can be blamed of the exact same thing. Would Hamas even exist if Israel had acted differently throughout history? Dunno. "Terrorists" (a convenient label that stresses a perspective that the world is black and white) don't just happen to exist for no reason.

As Tazo said above, "I would trust neither israelis or jews nor palestinians or muslims to tell me “the truth” right now."
2009-01-16 16:05:00

The following is the review of news, including videos, revealing Hamas way of using civilians in Gaza: Watch the videos and read it, this is amazing eye-opener. If you take this into consideration, you can actually discover how careful and effective Israeli army is, that so few civilians are injured despite to Hamas intention.
PS. To whom it may concern: I am neither Jew nor Israeli, I am Russian and live in Russia, and simply want to keep my eyes and ears open.
2009-01-16 22:41:00

I second Andrei. Israel usn't killing random civilians, they do precise, important targets.

DtD Software
2009-01-17 02:45:00

Being a Jew and Israeli, I'm also a human being and as much revenge as I would like to have I disagree going into frenzy and attacking everything that moves. But a War is a War and there are casualties. And this time Israel is taking a great deal in trying to avoid hitting civilians and hit only specific targets and we do succeed in that. When I hear Israel has bombed a school with children I mourn those children who has done nothing but I do also understand that when our forces are targeted by missiles that come from a school building they must defend themselves.

For those of you who aren't updated, Gaza was Israel territory. We GAVE it to them to try and make peace. You have no idea how hard is it for Israeli soldiers to evacuate other Israeli civilians and for what, to give this lands for terrorists? We knew this is what they're going to use this land for and we still gave it to them, to prove we do want to make peace even if it costs us such.

So after giving them this land and leaving them alone they attack us? How can we not respond as we did? For eight years they have been terrorizing the surrounding cities and this must stop.

Now think about that - We supply them with water and electricity, that they use to attack us. Why not stopping supplying them when instead of using those supplies to help their people they use it to fund their forces?
You make it sounds so cruel, taking their roads and water supplies etc while first of all we don't Have to supply it to them and second of all they use this for war!

We're trying to make peace with them and stop the killing on both sides but when one side never stops, saying they would do this until they would get the whole country we could never let this happen and when our very existence is at stake we sometimes have to do things we're not proud of (I also understand this is not the case right now).

And regarding the comments about history, we are not going to remove them out of existence but do going to do whatever we need to hold them off.

And about the UN building, are you kidding? Why won't you say we're also attacking mosques? The moment the Hamas uses those buildings for hiding and attacking we get the right to attack those buildings.
Same for school and any other type of building.
2009-01-17 20:36:00

"For those of you who aren’t updated, Gaza was Israel territory." (MasterGod )
Excuse me, but Gaza was/is not part Israel as defined by the UN Partition Plan (United Nations General Assembly Resolution 181) on November 29, 1947, dividing the country into two states, one Arab and one Jewish. You occupied it and gave it back.
2009-01-17 21:22:00

MasterGod: You gave them the land? I thought that the land Israel is standing on belonged to Middle Eastern countries half a century ago.
2009-01-18 10:35:00

FactualMan: Before Israel was founded the land belonged to the British Mandate of Palestine. And before that it belonged to the Ottoman Empire - so maybe Turkey could proclaim it.
2009-01-18 13:33:00


Sorry, but you should take a closer look at your "objective" news site. Accusing the mainstream media and its partial reporting is the one thing. Having studied media sociology i know, media cannot be objective.
But on the other hand affirming reports the truth, is just ridiculous. One look at their topics and articles lays it open...
2009-01-18 17:54:00

Nice to see EVERY single Internet forum to be flooded by fellow Israelis posting some identical propaganda. Keep up the good work, guys!
2009-01-18 18:03:00

FactualMan: ..If you go that way I can also say that from biblical perspective the Jewish people own this land much before everything, but lets not get to that..

Jedi: It is important that the world won't see and hear just what the media has to say because none is objective, even ours and that is why Israeli dudes place their minds in many public places. The terror we're having for decades (and I do mean decades) must be stopped and the world must know what we're going through and when it don't we must take the law to our hands and defend ourselves.

And what happens next? When Iran starts to bomb us? Shouldn't we fight back? Shouldn't we defend ourselves? The only difference is that Iran is much more stronger. That's all.
My only condolence, which is pretty cruel to say, I'm sorry but because the whole world would be a target from Iran no one would ask us to stop fighting them (but when we're the only targets like in this war everybody screams at us to stop!!).
2009-01-19 17:25:00

My point exactly! U guys just keep flooding and keep using those identical phrasing everywhere just like someone smart wrote it down for you. Nice job u've done here, now we're totally convinced it's okay to murder women and children.
2009-01-19 20:36:00

Jedi: I understand now what you're trying to do. I'm sorry for you you can't handle a conversation like an adult but I don't say what somebody else said nor what somebody else has told me to say. I speak my mind like I see it.
And I didn't say it is okay to murder woman and children, man too, and destroy buildings and whatever war brings into the table but I only say that people should not only know what we're doing but what they are doing to us as well. The terrorists are professionals in psychological war, their media shows the most horrible images one could think of, making us the ONLY bad side.
Like someone said here, there isn't a good side but as much as the world comes to us telling US to stop they should do the same to the terrorists.
The world hasn't done that and after 8 years we couldn't take it anymore and had to do something ourselves and if it means killing, that's part of war, and as much as I hate to think like that, when its me or them terrorists, I choose me.

What would you have done if a terrorist would be using a woman, a child as a human shield and pointing a gun at you? would you let him kill you because you're not going to take the chance and kill him? Or would you try to kill him trying your best to kill just him?

And trust me, we're doing our best to try and kill only specific targets, only the heads of the terrorists and not every guy with a gun in the street.

I hate war, it means that two sides are going to suffer sometimes too greatly. But when your very existence comes into play you must defend yourself or you won't be here to argue about it.

Don't forget that Israel is sending help and food for the people there, for those who are innocent (and for those who are not).
2009-01-20 11:37:00

Converse like an adult? U mean approving mass-murdering? Hell yeah, I do approve it. I adore it, ya know. Coupla thousand children slaughtered - who cares, right?

Keep posting those here highly true and believable comments. Keeps me focused.
2009-01-20 13:00:00

ISRAEL=GOOD, ARABS=BAD. Its so simple! We forget that we took by force the Arab land and gave it to the jews... I think this pissed a lot of Arabs off a bit. To make it worse, we don´t inite them to parties, nor the Eurovision song contest... because they´re Arabs, right? Jesus, are we one messed up stupid human race!
2009-01-22 21:55:00

Hm, me too, I wouldn't feel very comfortable about inviting people which don't respect life of strangers.
2009-01-23 16:45:00

I believe "don't respect life" is the right phrase.
And please don't include all Arabs, I meant only the terrorists.

Sorry last post had some illegal characters it seems so..
2009-01-25 20:06:00

MasterGod: thank you for sharing exactly what is happenibng. Most of the people writing the comments are probably westerners who have never been in real danger of being blown to pieces by senseless murderers. When I saw the pictures the pics of the dead Palestinians I almost fell prey of the terrorist's organized psychological warfare. I understand how you would feel if you give a piece of land to your enemy as a token of peace and then the enemy used it to build itself and attack you. The same exact thing happened in the Colombia, where a few years ago the government allowed the Narco-guerrillas to basically rule over a portion of the country to initiate peace talks and the guerrillas in turn actually used it to hide their kidnapped people (including children). My prayers are for the peace in the Middle East and that the terrorist will stop killing so that evrybody can be happy and safe.

@Jedi: I am curious, having read MasterGod's comments, what specific solution do you think is best to accomplish peace in the Middle East?
2009-01-28 01:16:00

Solution? U mean like Final Solution? U mean like killing all arabs starting from children and women?

Nope. That's not what I'd do.

I'd start from spreading Israeli propaganda. Mebby bit of lie about what's really going on in Middle East, u know. I'd write those lies down and give those lies to fellow Israelis and tell them to go flood Internet with those lies.

There're so many stupid people out there. Mebby some of them would believe my lies. Then it would be really easy to continue mass-murdering innocents.

Yes. That's what I'd do.
2009-01-28 13:29:00

Man, will you guys give it a rest already?! o_O

Your discussion is completely pointless, it is very obvious that neither of you is gonna convince the other.
2009-01-28 16:13:00

Sorry to bother you, that's just envy on my side. Always wanted to murder someone and have some Ministry of Truth to cover my actions :-)
2009-01-28 18:42:00

It is strange that some people are not yet sure that they are the terrorists even after killing thousands of children and women through the past and present years.... in the name of what you beleive in people! is palastine your land ?! give me the smallest proof!
where did you come from ? how did you get the land ? and remmember that this life is like a wheel... today is yours, tomorrow is not :)
2009-03-10 04:40:00

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