Côte d'Ivoire, what's your problem?

Posted on:January 13 2009

About 90% of all scammers we are catching on our new dating Website Bienen und Blumen are from Côte d'Ivoire. I'm using only the IP adresses and some of the free available geoip services on several websites to get this information.

The scam we get is a combination of money transfer frauds and dating scams, and most of it is coming from this country, Côte d'Ivoire. I'm wondering why. Maybe it's the combination of available internet access points and the currently more difficult economic situation down there? Or it's normal and most of this type of scam is coming from there? Is it because they are in the same time zone as us? Or maybe is Côte d'Ivoire running the most popular proxy servers of Africa?
Would be interesting to know. :)


That reminds me of the letter from Nigeria or so.
That's the spam email that thausands of people have received from the poor guy who's multi-millionaire family has passed away and he wants to "transfer" money to your account. What a nice samaritan :)
2009-01-14 14:49:00

perhaps the big all-african WLAN access point is there.
2009-01-14 17:02:00

Interesting, but usual =)
2009-01-14 23:41:00

Strange. I didn't even see this posting in RSS till today. What I'll now speak about is love scam. No, it's not the proxies. It really comes from africa and they use internet cafes to search their victims.

It already got very professional. Most are private persons but there are even some companys which place job offers into local newspapers. Most are young girls which need the money. Even students. They are told to chat oder even dress-off in front of webcams and so on. Dirty business.

Sometimes they just keep the victim online (probably 'cause he's paying a minute-fee to be able to speak with the girl). They have catalogs of answers which they can use for every situation! (i.e. problem: what do you say if he wants to call you? i.e. answer: say you cannot efford a telephone)

They expect the victim to fall in love by chatting with him very often and making him/her false promises. Then, they claim that they need money because of some stupid reason (got sick/mother got sick/no money for internetcafe etc etc etc). The victim, completely in love, will do everything and go to next Western Union and send howmuch she wants.

If it is for a company, the girl has to give the whole money back and receives at the end of the month or so her cheap loan - which is nothing compared to the amount the victim actually sent her. These companys officially claim they're doing some 'multi-media' stuff and the possible new employer has no clue what she will do till she's presenting herself and listening to the responsables. As you may expect: They make a whole bunch of money. They've big cars, villas etc.

And no, I've not been a victim :-), I spoke about that wiith a few girls which did it or refused to do it.
2009-01-22 13:15:00

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