Irrlicht Competition

Posted on:December 19 2008

Want to win something? Bitplane is organizing an Irrlicht Competition with some nice prizes:
  • 200$ in cash
  • 3 irrKlang licenses worth 1470 euro
  • A programming or graphics book from Amazon worth 60$
Details at the Irrlicht In Motion Competition Thread in the forum. The task is to create an interactive demo that demonstrates an innovative use of motion in Irrlicht.
The competition ends on 12th of January 2009. So no time to loose!


I'm having exams :( Looking forward to see the results, though!
2008-12-19 18:29:00

Wow, I didn't expect the full pro licenses.. I should update the topic with these details :D

It's a shame it would be cheating to enter myself ;)
2008-12-20 06:13:00

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