IrrEdit Shadow Map PlugIn

Posted on:November 14 2008

Looks like I'm not calling irrEdit, the editor for Irrlicht 'extensible' for nothing. You can write extension scripts using Squirrel with it and extend any part of the underlying 3D graphics engine and scene graph using a mighty plugin C++ API. And as just announced on the forum, Blindside just released a shadow map plugin for irredit:

Quite impressive. Dynamic realtime shadows inside this editor which doesn't support something like this natively. :) There is also a youtube video showing the plugin in action.


Too bad irrEdit is closed source.
Joe Smith
2008-11-14 18:27:00

Too bad for who? And why?
2008-11-14 19:19:00

i'm ok with closed source program because i won't bother to look at the code even if it's open source, lol.
2008-11-14 19:21:00

by the way why is there no irredit for linux?
2008-11-14 19:24:00

Because Linux sucks
The Onslaught
2008-11-14 20:36:00

basically, onslaught is right, because linux sucks :) Its too hard to support all the different linux configurations and distributions with a non profit closed source application.
2008-11-15 09:23:00

Yay I made the Irrlicht blog. These are shadow maps btw so they support blurring etc, I just used a small filter setting for the moment so it's a bit "hard". If you look at the XEffects thread: you can see a more extensive feature set of my shadow maps for Irrlicht, which I will probably be incorporating into this plugin as it evolves.
2008-11-15 09:33:00

Niko, you could support Linux just like the way Windows applications are distributed. Deliver the binary together with the shared libs. Include your and if you use stl also your and probably also some libwx libs. Some Linux people will not like it, but it's actually possible to release binaries nearly the same way like on Windows. You can set an rpath so the application tries to use your shared libraries before the system libraries (like: -Wl,-rpath -Wl,./linux_shared to access all libraries in the subfolder ./linux_shared). You will need a start-script to call your binary which does set the working-directory to your application-path, so you can use a relative rpath. As an example you can copy that from googleearth (or from h-craft... which got it from googleearth).

This should run on all common distributions. At least I haven't heard about problems with this solution so far. And once you have set that up it doesn't cost much time if your libraries run on all platforms. And it would certainly be nice for a cross-platform engine as that's one of the big features of Irrlicht. And just noting - not having an editor running on Linux is a very big motivation right now for someone to write a competing editor to yours ;-)
2008-11-15 14:03:00

Actually if I was going to support linux I would write a Mono app. So much less hassle to deploy.
2008-11-16 13:34:00

thanks cutealien, maybe i'll do that.
2008-11-17 19:26:00

It's funny how Virion says he's fine with it being closed source and then wonders why there's no Linux version.

"Its too hard to support all the different linux configurations and distributions with a non profit closed source application." :)
2008-11-18 23:21:00

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