World of Goo Demo is great

Posted on:October 16 2008

I tried out the just released World of Goo Demo, and it's great. The Demo only has 32 MB and is worth a download. World of Goo plays a bit like a mixture of Lemmings and Bridge Builder, with a strange but amusing and entertaining art style and very innovative levels. From a technical perspective, the way everything is done is quite interesting: The videos, the goo, the levels.
World of goo uses a physics engine (ODE) and as it seems 3D accellerated 2D graphics, (SDL with parts of a game framework I've never heard of - PopCap Games Framework). I personally also like the music and the cool sound effects, they are creating a very nice atmosphere. And that all the sound is generated by irrKlang makes the game even more likable for me :)


Wow, i didn't know they were using irrKlang. :) I'm sure they were using something else first (when was irrKlang released?), so i wonder why they switched.

I had pre-ordered the game and i can recommend it. Made it through the game a little fast for my taste, but it was cool. Can't wait for the pc-version of Braid to be released now. :)
2008-10-17 00:04:00

Yes the game is totally awesome :)
2008-10-17 16:02:00

U really never heard of popcap, u kidding?
2008-10-17 18:29:00

Popcap Games, If my memory serves me correctly, those are the ones that created Bejeweled
The Onslaught
2008-10-18 09:30:00

"U really never heard of popcap, u kidding?"

He said he never heard of their game framework, not that he hadnt heard of PopCap; same here. Wonder if it's good, you can't read about it without registering it seems? >:|
2008-10-18 10:55:00

@matthias, u need to register to read about it, that is true. Though there gameframework is getting good reviews in edge-online for casual games. Looks like it is becoming famous. I first played bookworm game of them.
2008-10-19 17:46:00

"We made a last minute decision to change our sound library. World of Goo now uses irrKlang, which is a lot less expensive than bass and fmod and has a much nicer API."
2008-10-21 04:11:00

Thanks. :>
2008-10-21 19:49:00

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