Gothic 3 Game of the Year Edition Review

Posted on:August 15 2008

There is nothing better to do on boring summer weekends with bad weather than playing computer games, IMO. About 1 1/2 year ago, I decided to buy and play Oblivion instead of Gothic 3, because I feared the numerous reported bugs in Gothic 3 to ruin my fun, but some weeks ago I stumpled upon a 'Gothic 3 Game of the Year Edition' box and - hoping it would include the patches as well, I bought it. Recently, I finished the game [see next shot ;)], so here is a short review:

In short, you play Gothic 3 like this: As used in RPGs, you go from quest to quest, and discover more and more of the game world. In Gothic 3, every time you get to a new village, city or valley, this is accompanied by thoughts like 'Holy SHIT!? How big IS this world!?". There are dozens of villages and cities which are extraordinary detailed, with countless NPCs (all with voices) and quests. All cities appear unique and convincing, and you are quite overwhelmed by the amount of possiblities what to do next. This must have been a total nightmare for the testing/quality assurance team.

Gothic 3 is comparable to Oblivion, but although Oblivion is a very good rpg, the world in Gothic doesn't feel that procedural and more organic when compared to the world in Oblivion. Also, it is fun to actually listen to the dialogs instead of skipping through them because the texters had an amusing style (e.g. An Ork named 'Urkrass' or countless appropriate sayings like 'Willst du mich verarschen oder was?!').
Gothic 3 has shortcomings, but I really can recommend that game. Yep, that's it, as most of my reviews: No spoilers, no details, extremely short :)


"No spoilers" Well, you showed a screenshot where the player walks around with Xardas. >:( ;)

Also, your stamina bar is grey. You might not know what that means(i didnt for a long time and i think a lot of players dont): The bar is normally yellow, grey means you are affected by weakness and the bar regenerates slower.
2008-08-15 19:41:00

I got Gothic 3 when it first came out, and it took me 2 weeks to get the game to even work (was an issue with the default TTF Font file and my 6800GT card), I eventually replaced the TTF font file with my own font, and it then the game finally worked.

Then, I got to maybe the 4th or 5th village I think, and my Save Game got corrupted (my fault for not saving to multiple files, but the save takes so damn long, I didn't want to take the time). I ended up losing a month or so of playtime and I promptly threw the game out and am happy for doing so. It's probably better now, but I've already got chapped ass about this game! Glad you enjoyed it! :D
2008-08-16 01:26:00

I'll have to download it...
2008-08-16 05:28:00

ah, didn't notice the gray bar at all :) too late for the tip *g*
2008-08-16 10:54:00

I'd rather recommend Gothic 1 and 2 than the third part. Gothic 3 is generic, sexistic (in a really bad way) and IMHO pretty boring. The quests are stupid fetch-me-my-packet- or kill-those-goblins-quests. A big YAWN from me.
When I got Gothic 3, the fighting system was utter crap, and I don't think they fixed that yet. There will come a new patch from the patch-team with weapon sounds and most important,group attacking. Really, Gothic 3 is extremely unbalanced. You can see that when you want to play a mage: you really don't have to train "Altes Wissen", because all the books in the world will teach you enough to get enough "Old Wisdom" to ultimately get the best spells and mana reloading. And with mana reload, you're unbeatable.
Who needs big worlds which are just filled with trees, rocks and some houses? I really wait for the new game of piranha bytes, "Risen", where they promise a step back, to Gothic 1. Phew!
2008-08-16 12:07:00

You are not right.
2008-08-16 12:49:00

If bugs donot Trouble then Gothic 3 is really enjoyable experience. I played with some bugs, Still it is very intersting and entertaining game.
Just they release Gothic 4 Soon.
2008-08-16 18:09:00

And Yes world of Gothic seem more organic and detailed then oblivion though both are very beautiful.
Since I am a big fan of isometric and sacred I am looking forward for
Sacre2 Fallen Angels, just some more days.
2008-08-16 18:16:00

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