PHP Adventures

Posted on:August 11 2008

For a from my perspective as C++/3D/multimedia/game/whatever programmer quite unusual project (will be released and announced here in a few weeks), I recently wrote a lot of PHP code. Although I became quite familiar with PHP during the last 8 years (my last bigger PHP related work was the game server of ds for example), this time it was a rather intensive experience, and I got to know a lot of the dark secrets and the impressive ugliness of this language.
Thousands of functions in the global scope, all with a different naming scheme, most of them doing the same as other functions, no real unicode support, dangerous side effects of its dynamic typing and ridiculous 'features' like this magic_quotes thing which escapes all content from a external variable sources. Funny are also some of the error messages: the programmer of the parser behind PHP obviously used hebrew for the names of some of the constants, and so PHP would write things like 'unexpected T_PAAMAYIM_NEKUDOTAYIM' which is really quite helpful. :)
But after all, the project is finished now and it was fun and interesting. Looking forward to announce the release of it, because recently quite a lot of the stuff I'm working on is secret an NDA-protected unfortunately.


ever thought about using another programming language than php? ;)
e.g. ruby, a great language imo.
2008-08-12 00:13:00

Almost anything is better than PHP ;)

Ruby's great but a little slow (see Twitter's scalability problems & resulting downtime). It'll get there, e.g. once RoR actually uses a more recent version where they've started to resolve its performance problems. Or, if you don't follow fads (a good thing IMO), Python is a good option, there are RoR-like frameworks for it such as Pylons and TurboGears and it's proven to scale. Or even Java - despite all the FUD people spout about it being slow, on a webserver it scales way better than Ruby does - although it's more suited to heavyweight enterprise apps than rapid developments.
2008-08-12 00:30:00

Or jruby, which is ruby on the JVM. I have used at work for webapps and is faster than C ruby. :)
2008-08-12 00:41:00

yeah, thats the great thing about ruby. a great language and many available interpreters for different platforms. i really think its such a neat language :)
2008-08-13 03:57:00

Here we go with the 'X (specially Ruby) is better than PHP' discussion again ¬¬
2008-08-13 04:30:00

T_PAAMAYIM_NEKUDOTAYIM == T_:: == T_twice colon
2008-08-14 22:02:00

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