Free Software is great!

Posted on:June 06 2008

I just created an updated youtube video of DS and used VirtualDub and Audacity for this, two great pieces of software. Just wanted to say thanks to the authors with this blog post. (The fact that the video is crap is basically my own fault ;) )
Btw, the author of Virtualdub blogs interesting stuff from time to time and is using the same (also open source) blogging software like I am using on this blog.


I can totally agree on that. I do also love free software, I used audacity for the band I play in (to record the songs we work on during rehearsal), but I swithed to an old Cubase version from eBay a while ago ... more features I needed (or wanted), but I still use a lot of free software and free programming libs (you know which one i'm talking of i guess ;) ).
2008-06-09 07:56:00

look this project
2008-06-10 03:15:00

Hmm ... this looks good, but I just need on *very special* feature that I haven't yet found in any free Sequencer (but in my old Cubase VST 5): I need MTC sync to sync the sequencer to my HD-Recorder for backups.
2008-06-10 07:57:00

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