European Football Championship 2008 is over already

Posted on:May 23 2008

As programmer who is not interested in any sports and especially not in football at all, it is still difficult to ignore that the European Football Championship 2008 will partially take place here in Vienna (it's organized together with Switzerland). You can hear it all the time in the news, and currently nearly every day at least one politican announces some new rules/laws or exceptions because of the Euro '08.
But I was completely unaware of the fact that the winner of the Championship this year is already predefined, and best: It will be Austria! Nice. See for yourself in this youtube video (a bit pointless if you don't speak german, sorry).


Ill never forget the World cup 2006
and the european cup 2008 is gonna be nearly as awesome i guess.

"54 74 90 2010" :D
2008-05-23 15:52:00

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